- I am a Japanese dedicated fan of Mr. Waaktaar-Savoy for about 25 years.

- As there are not so many "good" interviews and articles about him in Japanese, I started to translate them and introduce them to Japanese fans (and for myself, too!)

- I have some professional experience of doing translation/interpretation of English/Japanese - and I just started studying Norwegian ;-)

- I'm planning to have some Japanese things here in English translation too.... 

[my a-ha experiences]

1987 - Osaka, Hiroshima
1988 - Fukuoka, Ehime, Kobe, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Tokyo (last show only), Wembley Arena, London (2 shows)
2000 - Hiroshima, Tokyo (2 shows), Shizuoka
2009 - Tokyo (only one show in Japan!)
2010 - Chiba, Osaka (Summersonic Festival), Heaven & Royal Albert Hall (London), Oslo Spektrum (last 3 shows)

my pic of River Thames, London :-) (2006)

my pic at HEAVEN, London 6th Oct 2010 - this pic is already linked to a-ha.com's official flicker album.
you can download this freely but please do not use as your own pic...this is the one I took!
(c) Kaoru

2016-Stuttgart, Munich, Leipzig, Oslo (x3)
I never imagined I would add lines like this for this website (lol)


2018-Oslo (SAVOY - at last!)
I wish this won't be the first/last Savoy gig in my life...(lol)